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Jur Baart



Fitzroy - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

At the age of 12, Jur knew for sure what he wanted to become: an "advertising-illustrator". He had no clue what advertising exactly was, but he loved making poster-size paintings of ads he saw in famous magazines like Vogue.

After two studies, including university, he joined Euro RSCG, the most strategic advertising agency at that moment. It was there that he learned how important it is to write a good strategy. It makes clients feel at ease, which gets you the trust to create more challenging work. After traveling the world for a year he started a digital agency in 1999, together with a couple of other guys. Advertising was limited at that time to television, radio, print and outdoor—and that started to become boring. The digital world knew no limitations, so this was a great way of applying strategy and creation for the web.

After three years, Jur's company was taken over by Clockwork, one of the biggest internet companies in the Netherlands. Jur became creative director there and was responsible for Coca-Cola, Citroen and the country's most important insurance company.

At some point he decided to become his own boss again. Together with his best friend Marnix, who already had his own agency, they began Fitzroy Amsterdam, a boutique agency working for both market leaders and start-ups. Open culture is very important at Fitzroy and they wanted it to feel like a hardworking family, continuously developing. From there they found the agency's philosophy: The most adaptable to change. With four strategists including their own senior trendwatcher, all changes in the field of consumer behaviour, technology and media are constantly monitored for customers.

Jur regularly takes part in juries for various awards and is currently also a board member of the Esprix Awards as well as an author for the marketing blogs Marketingtribune and Adformatie.