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Joe Phelps

Founder and CEO


Phelps - Los Angeles, California, USA

Joe is one of the pioneering innovators of integrated marketing communications. He has made it work in reality by abolishing agency departments and organizing the agency’s specialists around their clients in cross-functional, self-directed teams. Joe’s success is partly due to his ongoing commitment to finding the right people, holding them accountable to their own goals and bathing them in ample feedback about their performance.

His book, “Pyramids Are Tombs,” outlines a new organizational model for aligning associates and clients for success. He’s a frequent speaker for various business organizations and MBA and organizational design classes at USC, UCLA and other universities.

Before founding Phelps in 1981, Joe worked in account management with NW Ayer and Grey. Prior to marketing communications, he was a musician and a recording engineer. That is if you consider drummers to be musicians.