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Joachim Berntzon

co-founder, owner and managing partner


BBS Group / BerntzonBylund - Stockholm, Sweden

For Joachim, working as a communications consultant has always been about creating results for his clients. Whether it's about building brand recognition, solving a communications crisis or launching a new product, helping clients to create success is key. Being able to do so, Joachim has always had an interest in a broad range of communications disciplines and channels.

Joachim joined the communications industry in 1999 and has, among other things, held the role as CEO at Citigate Gramma, Trimedia Stockholm, and Prime Advertising.

In 2007, Joachim co-founded what was later to become BBS Group. The first agency in the group was Berntzon Bylund Advertising, followed by Mindmakers-PR, social media agency Socialminds and event agency Wonderland. These four agencies have worked closely together ever since.

Joachim's current role is divided between managing the group, handling larger accounts, and giving strategic advice.

Joachim has recently joined the board of the Swedish Marketing Confederation.