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Ilya Notkin

Owner. Client Service and Strategic Planning Director


Paradigma Communication Agency - Moscow, Russia

Ilya, the "engine" of Paradigma, belongs to the generation that re-created Russian advertising at the turn of this century. Only today the size of the Russian advertising market can be compared with those in Europe. And it was only in the early '90s, when Ilya was just 20 years old and preparing to receive his degree in Russian language and literature at Moscow State University that the first international advertisers were beginning to look closely at the former Soviet Union.

At that time, there were no specialists in brand promotion. New Russian advertisers had much to learn purely from their own experience. So the first school for Ilya was Kommersant, the first and still the most influential business newspaper in Russia. Advertising in publications was expensive and demanded all possible expertise and eloquence to convince customers to take the next step.

By the end of the decade, Ilya was leading Paradigma as a full-service agency. As the agency media business grew, it became a separate entity and among the top 40 in the country. Meanwhile, Paradigma focused on creative and today is an independent creative boutique. The agency, winner of numerous awards for its creative work in major national and international festivals, consistently ranks among the top 15 creative agencies in the country.

A highlight of Ilya’s career was when the agency filmed a series of commercials for a Russian bank featuring Hollywood superstar Bruce Willis. On the last day of shooting the actor was so touched that he took off his leather jacket and presented it to Ilya. He counts that as one of the most rewarding gestures he has ever received in 20 years of advertising.