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IƱigo Muguiro

Chairman and CEO


Veinte Segundos - Madrid, Spain

After graduating with a law degree in his native Spain and obtaining financial securities licenses in the U.S., Iñigo set out on a financial career spending 10 years as a financial advisor and commodity dealer for a year in New York at Merrill Lynch and then back in Madrid. He opened his own financial boutique and started to provide advice and seed money for entrepreneurial businesses.

In seven years of success with just a few failures, he had the opportunity to to learn about different fields and markets, but he realized he wanted to create added value in the “real” economy. Most of his projects were in the entertainment business, including a film production company, a group of music enterprises that were sold to Warner Music and a TV production company that went broke. From his viewpoint, advertising looked promising, and in 1996, he gave it a shot, founding Veinte Segundos. Now 20 years later, he has never looked back. Veinte Segundos became one of the five largest independent agencies in the country, launched the nation’s  biggest lottery product and has been involved in advertising more than 300 movies in Spain.

He is quick to say work is only one aspect of his life. He loves outdoor sports, golf, skiing and sailing. He’ll never forget sailing over the Atlantic with a few friends in 2001, and he believes that his 26 years of marriage are a blessing and his most precious gift.