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Gustavo Quiroga



Gustavo has a degree in Advertising and Communication from Enterprise and Social Science University of Buenos Aires.

In 2001, he founded EPM Gustavo Quiroga S.A., the first Media Agency in Argentina to render services in the entire country, positioned at the same level as international agencies and consolidated as a reference in the media and communications sector.

His success in Argentina encouraged him to expand throughout Latin America, starting in 2010 with México and then opening more offices in Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, and the US over the following years.

By managing a large budget, he was able to put together the first independent media agency network in the region.

Gustavo Quiroga is a member of the most important professional associations: Argentine Chamber for Media Centrals (where he held the position of deputy chairman), the Professional Media Association (where he held the position of chairman), the Audience Measuring Control Chamber, the Argentine Advertisers' Chamber, and the Circulations Verification Institute.