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Geudy Marin Solis

LATAM’S Managing Partner


Assemble Studio - San José, Costa Rica

Based in Costa Rica and leading Assemble’s Latin American division, Geudy elevates the company’s operations through a diverse repertoire of engineering and web development, management, and business strategy. Similar to his business partner and Co-Founder, Scott Peters, Geudy is a big dreamer with a unique ability to visualize opportunity through a big picture lens and surround himself with the right people and teams to see it through to fruition. 

Through roles as Flash and Interactive Developer, General Manager, and most recently as CEO of WAM Digital in CR, Geudy has always proven a passion for his work, his country, and all things technology. He’s dedicated himself to creating a team that brings together the very best development talent in Latin America under one roof to provide agencies and companies in the US an invaluable extension of their production departments. 

Geudy is proud of the flexible environment and top-notch resources for his teams, where they feel comfortable and inspired to provide their clients with digital solutions. He’s driven by embracing new experiences and opportunities to learn and finds joy spending time with his family and giving back to his communities in meaningful ways.