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Gabriela Molina



Agencia B.C.G. - San José, Costa Rica

Gabriela is proud to hail from the greenest country in the world, and it is here that she has been involved with the mystique behind brands, now for some 15 years. She describes herself as the critical eye of the agency that she founded just over a decade ago.

Her adventure began when she started her own business in 2004 without any experience, any money and without a single customer. What she had was passion, and she believes she has been successful because she enjoys every single day. She attributes her success to her outlook on life and her beliefs:

  • If you are young and inexperienced, you have nothing to lose and everything to win.

  • If you do not like something or you think you can do it better, change it.

  • You have empowerment to put your thoughts in motion. Just do it.

  • Nobody has the perfect formula for doing business.

  • If your idea has value, go and try to sell it

  • Be nice to people, and you will have good karma.

She puts her beliefs into action with clients marketing brands across a range of industries including banking, consumer goods, finance, insurance and retail as well as a range of brands such as Colgate, Nexcare 3M, Office Depot and Post-It.