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Fumihiko Iwamoto

Managing Director


K&L Inc. - Tokyo, Japan

Born in one of Japan's most productive agricultural areas and the heartland of its automotive industry, Fumihiko always dreamed of working in an international environment. Events like Tokyo's Olympic Games in 1964 and Osaka's Expo in 1970 only proved to accelerate his ambition to move out into the broader world.

After participating in some Shakespeare theatrical performances while in Tokyo for college in the early 80s, Fumihiko happened to find a part-time job as a translator at an office nearby, where he saw some strange species called copywriters, art directors and account executives. That office turned out to be K&L, a very unique advertising agency specializing in markets outside of Japan, where he was destined to stay for many decades and is still today.

In the 80s, K&L was affiliated with TBWA as their only office in the Asia-Pacific region, handling such international accounts as Nivea, Absolut Vodka and Hanes and working together with TBWA for Nikon and Pioneer in Europe. Fumihiko is one of the only people to meet all four founders of TBWA, but K&L’s relationship with TBWA ended when they won Nissan’s global account in collaboration with Hakuhodo.

Fumihiko became executive creative director for such brands as Nikon, NEC, Pioneer, Ricoh, Subaru and Omron and handled regional campaigns in the Asia-Pacific region, working in Singapore for 10 years and four years in Hong Kong. He was also involved in both the China and India markets. Currently, he is Managing Director at K&L’s offices in Singapore and India.

Thanks to his international experience, Fumihiko and his team can function as a one-stop hub to coordinate regional projects including China, Southeast Asia and India. K&L also has many group creative companies in Japan, with extensive resources including award-winning TV commercial production houses, PR agencies and event partners.