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Christophe Levyfve

Partner and CEO


NETCO Group - Lielens - Lille and Paris, France

Christophe joined NETCO Group 20 years ago as an intern and was quickly identified as a leader. He moved rapidly up the corporate ladder and in 2012 assumed the top position. He considers it an honor to have made and to continue to make his contributions to the mission and development of NETCO, and he is proud of its entrepreneurial nature.

The group is composed of three main disciplines – communications, strategy and digital, consisting of six companies (advertising, brand content, consulting, design, digital and PR) and 14 partners. He is committed to implementing “Popcorn,” NETCO’s strategic vision for 2025 and to every day keep in mind his triple mission of transforming the impossible into the possible, to be inspiring and to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.

Founded 30 years ago by Olivier Kaulek and Hervé Raby, NETCO has helped brands, companies and organizations "make friends," in other words, to make clients, customers and employees so happy with their relationships that they become powerful ambassadors.

Outside of work, Christophe enjoys tennis and golf, and his ideal break is to walk with the hand of one of his four children in his hand.