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Ayuri Kurose

Senior Manager/International Editor


K&L Inc. – Tokyo, Japan

Ayuri has more than 10 years of experience as a Japanese/English translator and language development professional at K&L Inc. based in Tokyo.

She commenced her career in New York, in advertisement production, and then joined K&L in Japan in 2007. While working principally on English translation, she also directs localization in up to 19 other languages. She takes great pride in always arranging effective delivery of her headquarters’ passion to ensure work is correctly translated/localized wherever it is destined in the world.

Engaged not only in brand development and brochure production, she is also deeply involved in working on clients’ internal and external developments, including promotions, video production and creation of in-house materials.

As K&L celebrates more than 55 years in business, always continuing to create new values across borders and generations, Ayuri supports its progress as one of its leaders with a mission and vision, in synergy with K&L’s branches around the world.

Ayuri loves traveling, enjoying the world of nature and animals, and—whenever she has enough free time—climbing mountains.