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Ashley Lewis

President & Owner


Farm and Pathfinder - Buffalo, New York, USA

Ashley focuses on taking care of FARM and Pathfinder’s people, ensuring they can thrive in a positive and empathetic culture within a productive and supportive environment.

Smart, empathetic, and charitable, Ashley serves as the guiding force behind the agency’s growth and support of the Western New York Community. This includes overseeing FARM’s market research and business intelligence service areas (Pathfinder), agency business operations, human resources, and pro bono opportunity evaluation and selection.

Ashley is also passionate about FARM and Pathfinder’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, promoting a deeper understanding of how education, initiatives, and community outreach can enhance our work, interactions, and result in a culture of belonging.

Ashley also loves to travel, taking on New Zealand’s Nevis bungee jump—the highest in the southern hemisphere. Now, her thrill seeking is satisfied by keeping up with her husband, two children, and dog Bernie.