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Annika Avikson

Partner and CEO


AD Angels - Tallinn, Estonia

After a year in Australia as an exchange student, Annika decided she wanted to become a diplomat. To do so, she planned to obtain a degree in political science from the University of Tartu in Estonia and continue her studies at UCLA in the U.S. But her ambitions took a u-turn after the earned her degree in 2000 and began working at the Estonian Ogilvy agency Artmiks as a project manager. Soon after, she joined the Euro RSCG Idea team where destiny brought her together with other enterprising women – including partner Kärt Villmann – and together they were among the founders of AD Angels in 2004.

Since then, Angels has been involved with challenging and exciting work for a variety of clients from the president of Estonia to hotels, spas, banks, real estate, shopping centers, museums among others. For a number of clients, including Unilever Magnum ice creams and Hilding Anders Group’s Sleepwell mattresses, AD Angels handles accounts across the Baltics.

Annika has been deeply involved with Estonia’s annual national advertising festival, The Golden Egg, both as a judge and as project leader of many of the agency’s award winners.

It’s almost as if angels have been watching over Annika since the day she was born. In fact, on that day, the No. 1 hit on Billboard was “Undercover Angel.”