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Andrei Cernatescu

Managing Partner & Co-Founder


Infinit Solutions - Bucharest, Romania

After having various experience in telco companies, sales, events management & video production, Andrei and his brother Alexandru co-founded Infinit Solutions together 11 years ago.

Andrei comes from a professional sport environment as he has played rugby since his childhood. In his daily management of people, finance, operations and all various business aspects, he tries to implement a vision based on strong teamwork principles imported from the rugby spirit. Not being a big fan of department-based organization, he implemented a multifunctional team setup that ensures constant development for the people inside and true added value projects for the clients.

He focuses now on coaching the agency team towards nurturing and developing their soft skills and a great positive mentality that they can accomplish all that they set their minds to. In fact, he has almost automated all repeating or executional tasks so that his people can focus on creative work and push themselves to innovate with every project they are working on—all while delivering great results for our business partners.

His philosophy is strictly based on the simple rules of rugby that also make it so special: “We attack, defend, win or lose together”  and management is about  “Pushing forward while having to go backwards with every step.”

He believes that technology has to either simplify or add value to a person's life, and if neither is achieved then it needs to be dropped fast. When it comes to entrepreneurship, his only advice is that you should be very careful only of yourself as only you have the ability to convince yourself that you can do it or come up with one thousand reasons why you can’t do it. He says also that entrepreneurship is a hard game, not for everybody, but then again nobody made you do it.