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Alexia Bakoyannis

Co-Founder, Chairman and Managing Director


AEA Relate - Athens, Greece

Active for more than 15 years in the communication sector, Alexia specializes in corporate communication, investor relations and crisis management. After holding positions of communication director, investor relations officer and treasurer of the Filippou Investments Group (Fage, Evga, Elbisco brands and more than 40 subsidiaries in Greece, Europe and North America), she founded AEA RELATE corporate communications in 2004. She and her team have handled a number of demanding financial communication projects on behalf of sizeable Greek and multinational groups of companies.

She is a regular columnist in Greek and foreign media, covering a wide spectrum of economic, political and social subjects. Earlier, she was employed as Paris correspondent of Ethnos and Imerisia newspapers. She has been integral in the inspiration of the This is Greece initiative, aimed at highlighting and bringing to the forefront successful examples of healthy Greek entrepreneurship.

Alexia studied communication and journalism at CELSA-Paris, University; international relations at Pantheon-Paris I; and corporate communication at Paris IV. She is fluent in Greek, German, English and French.