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Abrar Athar

Managing Director


Medium Rare - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Abrar Athar is a Bangladeshi filmmaker and creative director/founder of Medium Rare & Little Big Films, a boutique creative agency/film production company in Bangladesh.

Abrar received his primary education at Sunbeams, Dhaka and Assam Valley School, India.  His defining years would see him veer towards storytelling and filmmaking, which would eventually lead him to the Asian Academy of Film and Television. Following his tenure there, a few chance events would lead him back to his homeland where he would cut his teeth in the entertainment industry after a short stint in the field of marketing with Interspeed and Radio Foorti.

Abrar’s work has always been laser focused on content. He believes the best way to communicate any message is to first build a human connection with the audience. His steadfastness belief in this ideology has led to developing his personal code of conduct. With his insights and experiences thus far, Abrar truly believes that with his method of storytelling, in tandem with what he believes to be “a team that is a cut above the rest,” he can disrupt his way into people’s hearts and send his message across in a way that is not common within the Bangladeshi entertainment and marketing industry.

Festival winning shorts, super hit web films, and award winning ads; Abrar is everywhere and, according to him, he’s just getting started!