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Assemble Studio

North America

Founded in 2017


# of employees 28

Assemble Studios is one of the leading digital production studios in the U.S., delivering efficient, scalable production and web development services and custom digital campaigns that help ambitious brands and agencies make a real impact. With headquarters in Philadelphia and offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, and Bogata, Colombia, their near-shore studio model brings together the most skilled and passionate development talent from LATAM, ensuring a blend of diverse perspectives, distinct skill sets, and unparalleled creativity in every deliverable. The agency has purposefully specialized their craft to develop a deep expertise and perpetual discipline in digital assets, including online advertising, rich media ads, dynamic banners and campaigns, interactive landing pages, HTML responsive emails, and dynamic micro-videos. Their team of production experts and agile project managers seamlessly integrate with their clients’ teams, leading the conversation from a technical perspective, while obsessing over the latest trends in technology development to help their creative stand out in the most innovative and impactful ways.

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areas of expertise


Digital advertising: OLA, Mobile, Video


Social Media


3D Rendering / Animation + C34


Website Design


Animatics / Infographics




key industries


Apparel & Footwear






Travel, Transportation, Tourism, & Hospitality


Did you know?


At Assemble, our passion for global collaboration runs deep. From the very beginning, our founders built this company with a belief that creative production could be elevated to new heights if they could bring together the best of US culture with the vibrant Costa Rican culture. Despite the language barrier, they came together with a shared vision to create a company that transcends borders and serves clients all over the world. Our global presence with offices on multiple continents is a testament to this vision, and we are proud to be a company that champions the power of collaboration among culturally diverse teams. We call it global empathy, and it's at the heart of everything we do. We believe that this humble approach to working together unlocks new levels of creativity and innovation, enabling us to deliver exceptional results for our clients. At Assemble, we are passionate about bringing people together, breaking down barriers, and creating a more connected world through the work that we do.

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