News & Press / April 7, 2022

Golley Slater Discusses ​​Agency Positioning & Work-Life balance in “Agency Dealmasters” Podcast

Emma Thompson, Head of Agency Consumer Brands at Golley Slater, was invited last year to participate in the Agency Dealmasters podcast to share her view on structuring businesses, agency positioning, talent and recruitment, and more importantly, the balance between work and life.

This recording took place in May 2021 in the midst of the UKs third lockdown, revolving around the importance of pushing forward new ideas as an established agency in such a fast-paced and ever-changing industry and in an extremely challenging context. Emma shares her perspective on the branding change that occurred at Golley Slater in 2021, to drive the point that any company can remain relevant by constantly building and refreshing its brand. Golley Slater has developed their agency’s brand positioning by focusing on the explorative nature of their people, placing curiosity and the unexpected as an integral part of their foundation.

You can listen to the full episode of this Agency Dealmasters podcast with Emma Thompson here.