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Reet Ahluwalia

Asia-Pacific Director-At-Large


Managing Director, Arms Communications - New Delhi, India

My role for ICOM: There is a unique and fascinating story for each country in the region. The commonality among all - the desire to do better. This desire often goes beyond just the individual. Yes, do better for me, but also do better for the family, the community and the country as a whole. Combine this with a hunger or passion to succeed, and it’s easy to see why ambition is fueling growth.    

The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of: Perhaps my agency’s long term relationship with a client in Delhi: 35 years with HCL. We’ve accompanied them from when they first started out with zero revenues. Today they’re hugely successful with revenues of $10 billion.

The music in my headphones... Adele and Bollywood.

My commitment... That of a business man who understands how important it is to spend the client's money as if it were mine.

What I’d like my clients to say about me... I can trust him with my money.

What I’d like my team to say about me... A good teacher.

A local custom I like... Touching the feet of elders as a mark of respect.

My everyday mission... Do it right. Always.

A sport... Hitting a stationery ball and yet cursing every time you hit it. That is golf to me.

My ideal break... Watching TV and not the ads.

An event you absolutely must see in my country... A big fat Indian wedding.