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Peter O’Leary

Asia-Pacific Regional Director


CEO, AMBA Communications - Sydney, Australia

My role for ICOM: I’m excited when we deliver decisive results. A big lift, not a bump. It’s about the game-changer from brand assets to neuro-rich messaging to how best to curate great ideas. AMBA is a team of experts - with the  skills and tools to deliver decisive results.

This region is packed with remarkable opportunities. From the massive populations of China and India to the high aspirations of Indonesia and Malaysia to business savvy Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. The region is an economic powerhouse. The workforce is increasingly educated, competing strongly in a globalizd market that is rapidly increasing per capita income and fueling a local consumer market that is insatiable. Governments across the region have implemented free trade agreements to reduce complexity and increase opportunity.    

The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of... Strong relationships with clients that have lasted decades.

The music in my headphones... An eclectic mix of emerging artists, this week includes Lindsay Sterling, Jervy Hou, Dami Im.   

My commitment... 100% focus, share what we we know, stay till we get it right.  

A saying that inspires or guides me... Great things never came from comfort zones.

My hidden talent... Sharply intuitive.

An event you absolutely must see in my country... Sunrise over the Sydney Opera House.

My agency’s added values... Always challenging convention.

To make a name for yourself you have to... Start now.