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Galina Epishkina

Eurasia Regional Director-at-Large


CEO and President, IMMA CG - Moscow, Russia

My role for ICOM: I represent the Eurasia region, one of the youngest advertising markets with many independent agencies in countries where ICOM does not have representation. This provides a number of opportunities for recruitment of new agencies and further development of the ICOM network. Joining ICOM offers these agencies partners in other parts of the world as well as tools the new agencies can use to improve and grow within their own markets. Building on Immedia’s experience in the market, my role is to reach out to new partners in other countries in the region, such as Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and more.

The music in my headphones... Hôtel Costes.

My personality... A workaholic with a passion for creativity.

A saying that inspires or guides me... “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” - Winston Churchill.

My hidden talent... Karaoke singing and charades.

My everyday mission... To inspire and guide the people around me.

My ideal break... Sun, sea and an 18-hole golf course nearby.