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Emma Keenan

ICOM Executive Director


Background & Responsibilities:

Emma Keenan is the Executive Director of ICOM, a global alliance of over 60 owner-led advertising, media and marketing communications agencies, spanning more than 50 countries and covering all major markets. Her role is to lead and manage the network’s affairs, ensure member satisfaction and growth and bring new business to the organization.

Prior to ICOM, Emma was Vice President/Partner of an independent media relations and digital agency, based in Paris. She was responsible for developing the agency’s portfolio of international clients and for growing the operational team to cover over 28 markets. She also helped to set up the agency’s Chinese subsidiary and oversaw its portfolio of Asian clients, regularly providing media and crisis communication training to companies in China looking to communicate internationally. She created the agency’s digital communication department and rolled out these services on a pan European and international level.

Emma is truly an international marketing and communications executive. She is British born and educated, spent several years in Argentina and Spain as a media trainer, and is now headquartered in France. She speaks three languages, is married and has two young, Star Wars-mad sons.

Country/State: I'm British (a proud Yorkshire lass) but live and work in Paris, France (a proud European).

The music in my headphones… It’s an eclectic mix but you’ll always find something from Kate Bush and Gil Scott Heron in there.

What I’d like my clients to say about me… She always finds a solution to our problems. But I’d also settle for: We really enjoy working with her.

My commitment… To bring added value to ICOM’s members and to take the network to a new level of collaboration and service offering.

My everyday mission… To find a balance between having a busy job and raising a young family of (very) energetic boys.

My hidden talent… I’ve watched Star Wars with my eldest son so many times now that I’m able to recite entire scenes. Granted, not a very useful talent in this job…

A sport… Running. It’s the best way to clear your head. And I love watching a good rugby match.

To make a name for yourself you have to…  Work hard, follow your gut instinct, accept good advice when it’s offered but not let yourself be swayed by other people’s opinions.