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David Longden

Europe Regional Director - International Operations


Group CEO, Golley Slater London - London, England

My role for ICOM: The role of European International Operations is, in fact, a partnership with European Internal Operations (led by Christophe Levyfre). It's about teamwork and creating trade routes for our brands to help exploit new markets. History records that great partnerships make great things happen. Think Microsoft’s Gates and Allen, Apple’s Jobs and Wozniak, Saatchi’s Maurice and Charles, the dance world’s Astaire and Rogers, and comedy’s Laurel and Hardy. ICOM continues to gradually build its global network, joining point-to-point marketplaces for our member agencies and their brands via trade routes. Trade routes, such as North America to Europe via London and on into Europe and back.  I will captain the trade route in and out of London and, Christophe will captain the trade routes within Europe.

The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of... Developing and launching Vodafone live with one of the greatest multi-disciplinary teams I have ever worked with.

The music in my headphones... Queen and Bowie.

My commitment... Do my best.

What I’d like my clients to say about me... He adds value.

What I’d like my team to say about me... He adds clarity.

A saying that inspires or guides me... Go for progress not perfection.

My hidden talent.... Making people smile.

A sport... Rugby.

A family heritage... Honest and hardworking.

My personality... Pragmatic and optimistic.

My agency’s added values: If it were my money how would I spend it.

To make a name for yourself you have to: Stick your head above the parapet.