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Christophe Levyfve

Europe Regional Director - Internal Operations


Owner and CEO, NETCO Group - Belgium & France

My role for ICOM: As “Mister Inside” - in tandem with David Longden from the UK for the outside part - I’m in charge of the relationships among all European members of ICOM and will help empower  them to work together as one. With performance. And with pleasure. And to do cross-border business in a great and complex region with many cultures, languages and economic positions.

The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of... becoming owner of NETCO Group 18 years after joining as an intern. And taking over from Olivier Kaulek and Hervé Raby, the two founders of NETCO Group.

My commitment... To implement "Popcorn," the 2025 NETCO Group’s strategic overview.

My everyday (triple) mission... To transform impossible into possible. To give people goose bumps – in the positive sense of the word! To keep our entrepreneurial spirit alive.

My hidden talent... If somebody finds it, please call me: +33607124179.

My group’s added value... As a family company, we embrace an entrepreneurial culture.

A sport... Tennis, golf and entrepreneurship.

A family heritage... To try each day to be a good husband and a good dad.

My ideal break... To walk with the hand of one of my children in my hand.