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Alice Freeman

Finance Manager


Background & Responsibilities:

Alice Freeman lives in Nederland, Colorado, a small mountain town Northwest of Denver. A degree in Business Administration and over 20 years experience in accounting led to her current ownership of three businesses – The Business Connection, an independent business offering web design, graphic design, office supplies, shipping and printing; The Mountain Neighbor, a monthly online magazine; and The Mountain Pages, a tri-annual business directory and resource guide.

Alice’s company produced ICOM’s meeting materials for many years before becoming ICOM’s Manager of Finance in 2004. She enjoys attending the ICOM world meetings and hiking and snowshoeing in Colorado’s great outdoors.

Alice has been ICOM’s Manager of Finance since 2004.  She’s responsible for the financial health of ICOM, creating operating budgets, initiating payment plans for past due members, investing funds and reporting to the Executive Director and the ICOM Board of Directors. Alice maintains the network’s By-Laws and Policies, and insures that corporate legal documents and tax reports are filed timely.  She is sensitive to the needs of ICOM’s members, providing quality service and clear communication.

Country/State: Colorado, USA 

The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of: creating and sustaining the ICOM Reserve Fund.

My every day mission: to give great customer service.

My commitment… is unwavering.

What I’d like my team to say about me… “Alice is honest, fair, and always has our backs.”

What I’d like my clients to say about me… “We can always count on Alice to exceed our expectations.”  

A saying that inspires or guides me… “Walk the talk.”