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Philippe Bonnel

ICOM Media Director


Repeat Groupe - Paris, France

With almost three decades of professional experience, Philippe leads France’s No. 1 independent media agency group that he started in 2006 and which now handles more than 40 brands in a variety of industries: tourism, food, leisure, other consumer goods, social services, banking, insurance, toys, health care and BtoB. He founded the agency based on two key principles: (1) start with a strategy of identifying the best way to influence public opinion for maximum effectiveness and (2) repeat messages to build relationships with prospects and customers. In other words, the agency combines influencer marketing with media buying to obtain better results.

Today, the agency has 35 employees and represents more than €350 million worth of offline and online media purchases. 

Philippe’s career in media began in 1986 right after he completed five years of marketing and communication studies. He joined the media department of the international Paris-based agency RSCG as a media planner to work on major clients such as Club Med, Citroën, CNP Assurances, Crédit Agricole, Kraft General Foods and Levi's. Seven years later, he moved to manage the media department of the Jean & Montmarin agency that also handled major international brands.

In 2001, he struck out on his own the first time to start Prime Time, one of the first independent media agencies in France. He and a team of senior managers handled media for a number of launches of startups until he sold the agency in 2006.